Class Descriptions

NEW! Yin Yoga

This practice consists of a series of long-held passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body. The poses penetrate deep into connective tissues expanding flexibility while invigorating the body’s energy centers.

NEW! Melt Method

Learn how to erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and low back brought on by everyday stress, overuse, and age.This simple self- treatment can make your whole body feel better.

Gentle Yoga

A beautiful traditional Sivananda Yoga practice performed at a slow pace. Includes sun salutations, standing asanas, yoga philosophy, chanting and breathing exercises. This class is open to all levels and ideal for beginning students or those with limitations.

Open Yoga

Open yoga invites students of all levels to practice with a focus on alignment, holding poses longer, proper use of props, and breathing techniques. These classes are inspired by the Iyengar style.

Open Vinyasa

This class emphasizes the coordination of movement with breath creating a dynamic flow from one pose to another.  Standing balances and relaxing asanas are also included.  All levels are welcome.

Core-Fit Vinyasa Flow

A creative and challenging flow of postures designed to build strength, endurance and proper use of breath. Recommended for students who have practiced yoga for more than one year.

Yoga Basics

You will be introduced to basic yoga poses    and modifications, body awareness, proper breathing, deep relaxation, positive thinking, and meditations. Ideal for beginners.

Yoga with Weights

This class helps you build muscle, trim your waistline, strengthen your core, and increase bone density.  You will practice yoga poses using ankle and light hand weights.  All levels are welcome.

Restorative Yoga

This class allows students to rest in poses supported by props for more than two minutes.    The effect is the healing both physical and emotional areas of the body.  Ideal for students recovering from injuries, surgery and those experiencing high levels of stress.

Pregnancy Yoga  (No Pregnancy classes at this time.)

In this class you will tap into your innate wisdom and intuition about the birth process. As you journey through pregnancy this practice will allow you to link mind, body, breath and your growing baby. The yoga postures with breath will help strengthen the uterus, pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion and overcome many discomforts of pregnancy. Practice in a safe, and open community where you feel free to discuss any issues, from discomforts and concerns to the wonderful new changes your body and baby are experiencing.


Kids Yoga

This class helps your child to develop flexibility, focus, and concentration for a happy, healthy and balanced life. Kids yoga is fun and includes games, stories, and creative names for poses. (Ages 5-10.)


Baby/Mommy Yoga (8 weeks - pre-walking)

Baby massage helps parents connect with babies, promotes better sleep, improve overall development and boosts immune system for babies. Yoga poses and breathing techniques help you re-connect with your body, mind and sprit. Also, doing yoga with your baby deepens the bond between you and your baby. Always "Babies First". Feel free to nurse your baby during the class.


Toddler/Mommy Yoga (walking - 3yrs)

Yoga poses, partner work/parents and children, fun & educational activities, finger plays and songs to enjoy the happy moment with your cute little movers! Practice in a safe and open community, where you can meet new moms, discuss any issues. Always "Children First".

Saturday Community Yoga (Aromatherapy)

A multi-level class which combines the use of doTerra oils with the yoga practice. The unique aroma and powerful healing energy of the oils enhances the experience of the asanas and breathing techniques.


Kids Yoga is every Friday at 4pm!