Chakra Tuning Services

Modalities used:


• Shamanic Illumination, Sacred Tuning Forks, and Oils

• Resonant Vibrational Healing

• Balance your chakra system

• Clear chakras of stuck energies or stuck Qi

• Cleanse the auric field with sound healing

$44 for 45 minute session

Caroline Kroening BS Edu Univ of MN, trained with the Peruvian shamans lineage of Alberto Villoldo. Caroline holds certifications in Homeopathy, Group Exercise, and Personal Fitness Training. Caroline is a trained Angelic Reiki Master Instructor.

Caroline is currently Master Level Three TAOMM Qi Gong and is working on her TCMD (Traditional Chinese Medical Degree).

For appointments, please call (209) 817-4123



The Yoga Center

2218 Pacific Avenue

On the Miracle Mile